VoIP Application and Software Download




Setting up the ZOIPER 2.37

1 - Click here to download the free version ZOIPER 2.37

2 - Go all the way to bottom of the page and click on the ZOIPER free Download Free link.
3 - You will get a brief pause and depending on your browser and version you will get the following; Mozilla, you will click on save
IE6 or 7 you can either click on Run or Save.
IE9 you can either click on Run or Save.
4 - If you click on run you will get the Zoiper welcome setup screen. Click on next.
5 - Agree to the terms and agreement.
6 - Decide to which folder location you are installing this software. I will choose the default then click next.
8 - Click next.
9 - Select which components you would like to install. Remember to select zoiper at all times. Then click install.

10 - Once completed, select finish.
11 - ZOIPER GUIDE how to configure a SIP account.
Zoiper VOIP setup. Click on the wrench icon below.

12 - You will then get the screen shot below. Click on Add new SIP account.
13 - A pop up will come out asking you to enter a name for the account. Enter any name as your choosing.
14 -After inserting a new name for account, you can enter the following fields for settings.
15 - Please enter your account information such as domain or IP address, Username is your 10 digit PIN, Password which is your account’s password and caller ID which is any name but we advise to put your 9 pin.
16 - Once done entering your information, please click on apply and ok. You should see screen below. See where it says account…There is the account’s name and it says (registered)(SIP). This means this account is ready to use.